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Platforms (Available Now):
- Windows (digital + retail)
- Linux (digital)
- Mac (digital)
- Xbox One (digital)
- PlayStation 4 (digital + retail)
- PlayStation Vita (digital)

Platforms (Coming Soon):
- Wii U

2D Sidescrolling RPG

Regular Price:
$19,99 USD

Release Dates:
Early Access: 14th August 2014
Win/Mac/Linux (digital): 7th May 2015
Win (retail): 8th July 2016
PS4 (digital + retail): 8th July 2016
Xbox One (digital): 8th July 2016
PS Vita (digital): 20th December 2016
PC Demo (digital): 30th March 2017
PS4 Demo (digital): 30th March 2017
XB1 Demo (digital): 30th March 2017
Wii U: 2017

Events Attended:
- Game Developer Session 2013 (CZ)
- EGX Rezzed 2014 (UK)
- IndieVelopment 2014(NL)
- Anifilm / Gameday 2014 (CZ)
- Gamescom 2014 (GE)
- FOR GAMES 2014 (CZ)
- Poznan Game Arena 2014 (PL)
- GDC Next 2014 - MIX Showcase (USA)
- Game Developer Session 2014 (CZ)
- EGX Rezzed 2015 (UK)
- Anifilm / Gameday 2015 (CZ)
- Madrid Games Week 2015 (ES)
- Game Developer Session 2015 (CZ)
- Anifilm / Gameday 2016 (CZ)
- Casual Connect 2017 - The Indie Prize Showcase (GE)

- BEST OF 2015 - The best Czech and Slovak game
- Czech Game of the Year 2014 - Artistic Contribution Award
- GDC Next, 2014 MIX Showcase
- Indie MEGABOOTH Showcase


Dex is a 2D action RPG set in a cyberpunk open-world, with a focus on exploration and non-linear gameplay.


  • Rare blend of realism and creative vision: Realistic action, mature storyline, and complex character interactions combined with hand-drawn characters, animations, and environments, arcade-style melee combat, and an original conception of cyberspace.
  • Multiple paths: Operate in physical reality or in Cyberspace. Overcome obstacles using your skills, weapons, augmentations…
  • Meaningful character building: Will you be a silent assassin, a hacker, or a straightforward gunfighter? Improve your character and gear to unlock gameplay-changing upgrades that reinforce and customize your gameplay style.
  • Unique hacking mechanic: Transfer your consciousness to your avatar, overcome intrusion countermeasures, take action, and then return back to your body in a fraction of a real-time second to see the results – deactivated turrets, overloaded devices, enemies with crippled implants…
  • Neo-cyberpunk: Story deeply inspired by the cyberpunk novels of William Gibson and other classical cyberpunk authors, flavored with a contemporary concept of augmented reality.
  • Rich game world and diverse level design: Visit diverse locations in Harbor Prime, a futuristic city complete with luxurious skyscrapers, run-down shantytowns, and seedy red-light districts. Take part in street brawls, steal corporate data, overcome environmental hazards, and, of course, stay alive – no easy task.
  • Full voice acting: Interactive dialogues using hand-drawn sprite animations, fully voice-acted by professional actors.
  • Three special outfits: The Samio Cyberwear allows you to regenerate your Focus when hacking, the Euroforce BattleRig offers physical protection against bullets, and the Armagear InvisiSuit can make you invisible! You’ll have to be on the lookout for clues about their location, and face serious opposition before earning them! The special outfits are included in PS4, XBox One, PS Vita, Wii U and a DRM-free version of the game and it is also available as a free DLC on Steam.
  • Localizations: Dex is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian and Czech language.
  • Cross-Buy: The PS Vita and PS4 digital versions are available as a cross buy.


Dex - Story Trailer (March 2017) YouTube, .mp4 Download

Dex - PlayStation Vita Launch Trailer (December 2016) YouTube, .mp4 Download

Dex - PC Launch Trailer (May 2015) YouTube, .mp4 Download


download all screenshots .zip (904KB)

There are far more images available for Dex (PS Vita), but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


download all artworks (zip, 9MB)

There are far more artwoks available for Dex (PS Vita), but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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About Dreadlocks

We are an independent creative team situated in Prague, Czech Republic. The studio was founded in 2011 as a collective of seasoned game industry professionals from various Czech companies. Our portfolio includes a vast number of contract projects, augmented reality applications, and an award-winning mobile puzzle game, Rune Legend.

About BadLand Games

BadLand Games is a Spanish independent company specialized in the physical distribution of video games. Foudned in 2011, it distributes games for all platforms and counts important titles like the official video game of “La Voz”, the praised Telltale Games titles “The Walking Dead” and “The Wolf Among Us”, the franchises “Farming Simulator” and “Pro Cycling Manager”, “Blood Bowl 2” and more among its extensive catalogue. Recent additions to the catalogue are “WRC 5”, “Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series”, and “Divinity: Original Sin (Enhanced Edition)”.

In 2014 BadLand Games began its foray into hardware distribution with the independent console, OUYA, which got its start thanks to crowdfunding on Kickstarter. On the heels of this advance, and coinciding with its 3rd anniversary, it created its own studio: BadLand Development Studio.

In the same vein of creating new lines of business under the umbrella of the parent company, BadLand Games launched two new branches: BadLand Tech, which handles gadget and innovative tech distribution, and BadLand Indie, which is the materialization of the firm faith the company has in the field of video game design and development, above all in the national sector. Currently, both branches are fully operational and boast an expanding catalogue of video games and gadgets, respectively.

Additionally, in mid-2015 BadLand Games opened its first office outside Spain, specifically in the United Kingdom, with the name BadLand Games UK L

Our Team

Axel Droxler
Lead Designer

Stefan Durmek

Michal Červenka

Jaroslav Meloun
Lead Programmer

Prokop Smetana
Lead Artist

Karel Antonin
Music Composer

Andrej Sinkević
Sound Designer


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